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Sheila is the nerdy girl of Springwood High. She has asthma, drives a moped and invents things. She studies hard so that she can get into medical school. It is her who needs a doctor when Freddy decides to give her his own special kiss of death. Played by Toy Newkirk

Debbie is many things. She is a friend, an excercise enthusiast, a fan of Dynasty and she is terribly afraid of bugs. Once Alice, Dan and herself decide to rid Elm Street of Freddy Krueger once and for all, she is put to the test by Freddy himself, only to find herself unable to check out of her dream. Played by Brooke Theiss

Rick is a martial artist, Kristen Parker's boyfriend and a real nice guy. But none of that will help him defeat Freddy. Nothing could prepare him for an unfair fight against an invisible Fred Krueger. Luckily, it was his superb martial arts skills that Alice took from his death, allowing her to defeat him. Played by Andras Jones

One of Springwood High School's star football players, Dan is a friend of Rick Johnson's and takes a liking to his sister Alice. Survivors, they band together to defeat Freddy, falling in love in the process. Dan falls asleep at the wheel while driving to see Alice at work and is killed by Krueger before he finds out he is going to be a father. Played by Danny Hassell.

A frequent daydreamer due to her mother's death and her father's alcoholism, Alice Johnson found a friend in Kristen Parker when she began dating her brother Rick. Kristen tried to warn them about Freddy, but they didn't listen. When Kristen died, Alice was there and was given her power to bring others into her dreams. Soon, Alice begins seeing her friends die in her dreams and begins taking on their personality traits. Alice realizes that the only way to stop Freddy is to use what has been given to her as a weapon to fight.

Joey used to be a debator, but something has struck him quiet. And it's not the sexy nurse at Westin Hills. Together with the other Dream Warriors, he is able to find his voice and use his sonic scream to help defeat Freddy. A year later, his love of beautiful blondes is once again his undoing when he is killed by Krueger. Played by Rodney Eastman.

Shortly after Will's admittance into Westin Hills, a failed suicide attempt left him paralyzed. He enjoys Dungeons & Dragons so much that it transends into the dream world, where not only is he the WizardMaster, but he can walk again. All of his powers could not save him from Freddy, who kills him after letting him know he doesn't believe in fairy tales. Played by Ira Heiden.

Taryn's drug addicition landed her in Westin Hills with the rest of the patients. She had been seeing Freddy before being admitted and decides to use her dream power of beauty to fight after she realizes she is not alone in the battle. Sadly, she loses in a back alley rumble against the bastard son of a hundred maniacs when he uses her old habits against her. Played by Jennifer Rubin.